Menara Pandang and Floating Market Banjarmasin

January 20, 2019
ULM coordinators planned that we should visit the Menara Padang and Floating Market of Banjarmasin. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and immediately took a bath. After that, I went back to sleep while waiting for the others. We left the house at 8:30 in the morning and went to our destination.
First, we took pictures together with the famous Statue in Banjarmasin, the Bakantan. It is a big monkey Statue in their town.
Then, we rode their boat in their river where we can see the different spots where people usually go.
Third, we went to the floating market. There, I bought Santol.
Fourth, we went to the building that left by the Netherlands who conquer the place. Inside is like a mini museum.
Lastly, we went on the top of Menara Padang, where you can see the view of whole place
It rained heavily again and went home wet. We waited for my buddy Yoga for the lunch. Then, we slept again because it was raining so hard and it nice to sleep.
When I woke up in the afternoon, I asked my buddy to accompany me to go to the market. I bought rice and vegetables for dinner.

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