Universitas Lambung Mangkurat Museum

January 27, 2019

It was our 15th day here in Banjarmasin, 27th day of January 2019. The weather was very perfect for a tour. It was a sunny day. Everyone woke up early for preparation. We left our house at 8:50 in the morning and arrived at 9:50 in the Lambung Mangkurat Museum located at the Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The museum has a notable collection of artifacts related to the Banjar and Dayak peoples, with many items being excavated from archaeological sites all around Kalimantan. It is also home to an array of ancient Hindu objects. It was a long time sight seeing the objects being displayed there. With these I saw how deep was the culture of people living in this area and gained understanding about their culture.
After that, we ate our lunch at Depot Soto Uwah in which I ate Nila Goreng. This is a fried fish called Tilapia in the Philippines, with fried eggplant, cabbage and cucumber. Of course, the food here is always match with their sambal, a chili paste.
We proceeded to the Pasar Martapura, where we looked for souvenirs. I have hard time looking for a cheap ref magnet because the store that gave discount run out of stock so I wasn’t able to buy. In this market, you can see variety of jewelry made from different stones. They have also their batik, that is usually wear in their place.

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