General Orientation and Opening Program

January 17, 2019

Everyone woke up late today because we didn’t go to our cooperating school. Today was the schedule of our orientation day and meeting of the President and Director for International office of Lambung Mangkurat University. When I checked my phone to pee, it was already 7:05 in the morning. I went to the restroom, and after I went back to our room to continue sleeping. I immediately feel asleep again, and when I checked my phone again, it was 8:34 in the morning. I conditioned myself to get out of the bed and after a while I decided to go in the restroom to take a bath because there are many person living in there and I don’t want to be late for the event. When I was finished, we preheat the leftover foods from last night to serve as our breakfast. After we took our breakfast, we decided to stay in the house and watched a horror movie entitled Slander Man. In the middle of watching the movie I felt sleepy so I moved to our bedroom to take a nap. When I’m done with it, I got my laptop and checked my social media account. Then, I went to YouTube to check the series I love to watch in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it was not applicable to view it here in Indonesia so I’m a little bit sad.

It was already 1 o’clock in the afternoon when we decided to buy our lunch in the canteen near the men’s dormitory. I chose to eat Nase Goreng again with chicken and squid. I really enjoyed my meal that’s why I was full when we went to the orientation.

In the orientation, we met some of their professors, the college Dean of teacher education, the director of international office and their university president.

We have given a chance to introduce ourselves and tell our impressions about Indonesia.

After that, we took photos and gave our certificate of appreciation to the school and got our MOA to be signed.

We ate our snacks and visited the office of Sir Edwar and Ma’am Fia.

Our buddies toured us to their new building and took photos together. After all of that thing, we watched movie again, and ordered food for dinner.

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